Yearly Archives: 2016

Tunnel Fire Protection

Representatives of Promat Fire Protection visited Design Confidence Office with the learning session for tunnel fire protection. Our Fire and Life Safety team had an opportunity to discuss the challenges expected in the tunnel fire accidents, recognizing the critical factors comparing to open fire and building fires. The Promat solutions for the tunnel fire protection were introduced, so that our engineers could evaluate the features and advantages of...

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Advanced Video Analytics

Enterprise grade advanced video analytical solutions provides automatic real-time alerts for actionable intelligence. AllGoVision Technologies shared the features and advantages of this state of the art product. Another idea and concept for our engineering team to consider whilst working on some of the most complex industrial, rail and tunnel type of developments.

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Deploying Heat Detection

The fire engineering team of Design Confidence took part in a technical session with Mr David Shiu, of “AP Sensing” – a leading manufacturer of Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection systems.

Ideas and shared essential functionalities of the products were discussed. The team was provided with an opportunity to debate, critically analyse and understand the benefits of this technology whilst developing our thinking on the application of...

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Latest iconic tower in Dubai

Design Confidence has been appointed by Aurecon as the Fire and Life Safety consultant for the ‘The Tower’, a new structure at Dubai Creek Harbour that is being designed by world-renowned architect and engineer, Santiago Calatrava who is leading its design and engineering work. Calatrava has chosen global engineering consultants, Aurecon, as the engineer/architect-of-record to collaborate with on a range of design and technical features for the ambitious...

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