Tom Sagris

Tom Sagris is the Group Principal of Design Confidence and has been based in Dubai, U.A.E for over 9 years.

As a qualified Fire & Life safety Consultant, Tom Sagris has in excess of 20 years’ experience on working on developments within Australia, United Kingdom, the Middle East, Africa and India.

Afforded with the responsibility of leading the Design Confidence team globally, he has an unprecedented understanding of international best practise and respect for local practises which underscore his ability to execute the specialist services provided internationally by the Group.

Luke Sheehy

Luke Sheehy is the Principal of Design Confidence (Sydney) and has experience in the building regulations industry for over 13 years. Having worked within Australia and the United Arab Emirates, Luke has developed an in-depth knowledge of both Local and International Building Codes having worked on complex and difficult projects throughout Australia and the MENA Region.

He has extensive experience in identifying and the implementation of performance based solutions for large-scale developments. Luke has considerable experience in assessing, co-ordinating and facilitating large residential, commercial and industrial projects that require negotiations with local authorities.


Paul Schwarz

Paul Schwarz is a Principal of Design Confidence and is an experienced acoustics, noise and vibration design consultant with approximately eighteen years’ experience working in this field, and with sixteen years residing in the Middle East.

In that time, he has gained an extensive understanding of designing, monitoring, assessing and controlling acoustics, noise and vibration affecting commercial, residential, private, governmental and public property. His experience also includes writing and reviewing detailed technical reports as part of wider environmental and architectural studies.


Greg Morgan

Greg Morgan is a Principal of Design Confidence and has been based in the UAE for 11 years.

Prior to joining Design Confidence Greg was responsible for managing the Middle East operations for an international multi-discipline consulting engineering business and has extensive experience in Critical Buildings and large, complex developments having worked on projects within Australia, Indonesia, the UK, New Zealand and the Middle East. Greg specialises in Data Centers and other projects where complex MEP systems are critical to the successful operation of a project.


Aaron Mc Daid

Aaron Mc Daid is a Principal working in Design Confidence’s Dubai office and is part of the senior leadership team.

Aaron has a Master’s degree and honours degree in Fire Safety Engineering and has published several scientific papers in the field of fire safety. He has guest lectured in fire engineering at several universities around the world and is passionate about improving current understanding of fire safety science. An accomplished problem solver, Aaron brings strong technical skills and enthusiasm to project teams to deliver coordinated solutions.


Nicolas Hurtado

Nicolas Hurtado is a Building Regulations Consultant at Design Confidence. Nicolas has extensive experience with over 10 years in the construction industry, having performed in a variety of positions, including fire services design, project management and most recently building regulations consulting.
Nicolas has developed a solid understanding of the built environment from planning through to construction and delivery, having worked on various projects throughout Australia. He is committed to applying his broad knowledge to any project he is involved in to the best of his ability, be it professionally and academically, with qualifications in Construction Engineering, Fire Safety Engineering, Access Consulting and Project Management.


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