Fire & Life Safety

Utilising the International experience held by Design Confidence we provide Fire and Life Safety Consulting services in accordance with the applicable International building regulations and local code requirements.

  • Fire & Life Safety Consulting
  • Fire Engineering
  • Civil Defence Applications
  • Fire & Life Safety Inspections
  • Third Party Reviews

Emergency Response Planning

Design Confidence specializes in preparing Fire Evacuation Procedures to accommodate both construction sites and occupied buildings. Our procedures and operating manuals are written in clear and unambiguous language.

  • Fire & Life Safety Consulting
  • Fire Engineering


Design Confidence specialises in the provision of Disabled Access Compliance ensuring proposed buildings and refurbishment works comply with International Best Practice and give equality to persons with special needs.

  • Equal Access
  • Compliance
  • Equal Access Audits


Design Confidence provides support to architectural, structural, mechanical services and interior design teams to ensure essential elements are coordinated to meet the developer and end-client’s required acoustic design criteria.

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • MEP Acoustics
  • Industrial and Environmental Acoustics

Specialist MEP consulting

We focus on delivering expert advice to ensure that the value of a project is maximized at every stage of its lifecycle, from Planning and Conceptualization until End of Life. We do this by engaging directly with senior stakeholders.

  • Project Planning and Concept
  • Critical Facilities’ Services
  • Commissioning and Operational Life