Data center administrators can cut downtime, wasted energy, and issues with data center design by being able to predict the future. With today’s technology, precise future predictions are no longer impossible to make. We can simulate airflow and forecast temperatures in different data center locations using CFD modelling. CFD Modelling data centers help you examine possibilities, consider the causes and effects of hotspots in data centers, and make decisions through simulations before making physical changes in your data center.

CFD simulations can make running your data center safer and more effective. Over the years, CFD modelling has been applied to several fields, including biomedicine, aerospace, construction, climate control, Fire and Life safety design etc. Data centers can now effectively use CFD modelling as a design and maintenance tool as a result of advancements in the field. Predictive modelling, what-if scenarios, and capacity planning may all be done using detailed 3D CFD study.