Utilising the International experience held by Design Confidence we provide Fire and Life Safety Consulting services in accordance with the applicable International building regulations and local code requirements.

These services commence at the concept design stage of a development and continue through the Schematic, Design Development, Tender and Construction phases.

The Fire Engineering team of Design Confidence applies scientific and engineering principles along with the sound understanding of International Codes & Standards such as NFPA, Indian Building Standards, Australian Fire Code and UAE Fire & Life Safety Code to evaluate the performance of fire & life safety designs and strategies in ensuring life safety of the occupants inside different building and structures.

Design Confidence Fire Engineering Designs and Solutions are backed by our in-house team of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) specialists and our expert judgment based on an understanding of the phenomenon & effects of fire and of the reaction & behaviour of people to the fire.

  • Fire & Life Safety Consulting
  • Fire Engineering
  • Civil Defence Applications
  • Fire & Life Safety Inspections
  • Third Party Reviews