The Facades of a building play an important role in contributing to the amenity and attractiveness of an area. However, over the past couple of years, it is observed many building fires that spread into the outer facade cladding systems, and then rapidly developed both vertically and horizontally across the façade face of the building. The UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice 2018 has updated safety policy part of wider action to ensure façades are adequately fireproofed to prevent future accidents. Design confidence as an Independent Fire & Life Safety Consultancy have an experts Facade team who are code specialist and have an extensive knowledge, understanding about the latest UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice 2018 and other International code and standards. 

Design Confidence provides following services in accordance with UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice 2018: FACADE DESIGN REVIEW AND AUTHORITY APPROVAL 

▪ Design confidence will provide a checklist of the document require for review and submission to Civil Defence. 

▪ Review of the approved material submittal including test reports, Civil Defence approval, Certificate of compliance (COC), undertaking letters, etc. 

▪ Review of the project-related façade information. 

▪ Highlight noncompliance (if any) and provide solution to comply. 

▪ Lead the preparation of the formal submission document to Civil Defence; content to be provided by others and develop a final technical assessment report. 

▪ Submission of technical assessment report to Civil Defence for approval. 

▪ Lead technical discussions with Civil Defence for formal approval. 

FAÇADE INSPECTION Building facades should not just look good but they should function well too. It is not an assurance the Façade system on site will always comply with the approved design drawing. Henceforth as part of an approval from Civil Defence and as noted in the UAE Fire & Life Safety Code of Practice 2018, facade Inspection shall take place in every successive stage as installation proceeds. Design Confidence inspection team will inspect the façade system installed on site matches the wall assembly test and Civil defence approved design drawing on every successive stage and ensure installation is done properly. Our team will provide the Inspection report on every successive stage to ensure compliance with the prescriptive code requirements and meet the required tested system.