Outdoor Climate Control Analysis

Beyond individual buildings and structures, we interrogate and advise on the experience of entire cityscapes. For example, we translated our understanding of climate and the built environment into an engineered microclimate for a new Island, a residential and commercial developed Island City in Doha, Qatar.

Using CFD and agent-based modeling, we designed cooler, more comfortable journeys for residents traveling to and around the new downtown area. Running Multiphysics simulations to model wind and solar effects – long and shortwave radiation – we combined massing, Shades, street layout, trees, and landscape to create a liveable microclimate that buffers residents from a hot, windy local climate.

What we do

  • modeling analysis providing a cost-effective, visually intuitive alternative to wind tunnels
  • Determination of the dispersion of potentially hazardous chemicals discharged from stacks on rooftops to sensitive zones as fresh air intake or pedestrian areas
  • Flow and Thermal Uniformity study.
  • Human Comfort study and calculation
  • Heat Transfer Studies on wall
  • Calculation of Effective Standard Temperature (SET) based on Temperature, Velocity, Pressure, Radiation Temperature
  • Calculation of Beaufort Number for Pedestrian Comfort

Spaces Modelled:

  • Outdoor Stadiums
  • Island Cities
  • Hotel and Residence
  • Laboratories
  • Airport